U13 Girls wrap the year up with Parents v Kids.

 The  Under 13 girls players, parents and coaches celebrated our end of year in fine style today with an end of year game that involved players, siblings and mums and dads. In what was suppossed to be a “friendly” game, it soon became apparent that the fathers and siblings team AKA The Golden Young Guns were intent on getting a win up against their much vaunted rivals- The Under 13 Girls All Stars!

 Before long it was 1-0, then 2-0, then 3-0 after some good play from Steve E, Scott, Ed and Mark. It was evident that the fathers had come ready to play and they certainly didnt let the supporters down- all one of them!! At half time the feeling in the girls camp was good as they were boosted initially by Nicole, Lyn and Carl and then Mark, Wendy and Renate W who all contributed to a much improved 2nd half. We knew that the parents and siblings team would come out hard and that fitness would eventually be the telling factor come the 2nd half.
 Players player for both Teams Steve A. came up with some crucial plays at the right times to even up the ledger and determine the course of the game- aided by some dodgy refereeing interpretations- the under 13 Girls were back in the thick of it at 3 all thanks to goals to Alyse, Chloe and Scott, who was on the opposite Team- but gifted a back pass to his goal keepeer Wayne at rocket like speed, and the game was tied at 3 all- thanks Scott!! After 55 minutes it was locked at 3 all and the game was set to go into extra time and a potential penalty shoot out!!
 With only minutes remaining and the girls attacking their families goal, referee assistant Ed came up with the call of the match with an obstruction penalty inside the box that gave the under 13 girls a chance to seal the match with a penalty kick. Pamela cooly and calmly put the penalty in the back of the net and the game was as good as over, the final score was Under 13 Girls Team 4- Golden Young Guns 3.
 The girls were very happy with their performance and were already talking up their chances in the return match next year. The match and win proved a fitting end to a very succesful and enjoyable year for players, parents and supporters.
 Thanks once again to everyone’s support for the day and the effort put in by players and parents throughout the year. There were a couple of awards that were handed out at the end of the game and some of the award winners are listed below:
* Red nose award for most stops using their nose/ face- Casey
* Little Miss Sunshine for her positive attitude- Jasmine
* High Jumper Award/ best header – Alyse
* Sticky Fingers Award for Great Goal Keeper- Hannah
* Best Actor ( for most dives) Tarmiqua- sorry Tarmiqua- you would of got most courageous as well with the way you bounced back each time after the knocks to the ground!
* Best defensive clearances Pamela and Candice
* Most consistent Meg and Sarah
* Best throw in award- Jade
There were also parents awards handed out:
* Best supporters Vicki and Renee
* Ball and Chain awards for service to canteen- Nanetta and Lyn
* Masterchef award to service to the BBQ- Carl and Steve A.
* Fleet footed/ taking parents vs players way too seriously- but at the same time exhibiting sublime footwork and soccer skill award to Scott!
* Treasury Award for making events today possible- Ed.
 Thanks again for everyone’s participation today and it was great to get down to Cawley park in a relaxed environment and have some fun and look back on the year that was. Look forward to catching up with everyone at presentation night ( 24th September at Russell Vale Community Hall) to finish the year with some fun, laughter, music and awards.
 Thanks again for a great year and looking forward to doing it all again next year!!!

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