🐍 Position Vacant 🐍 👨‍💼 Football Club Registrar 👨‍💼

🐍 Position Vacant 🐍

👨‍💼 Football Club Registrar 👨‍💼

Details below. Please contact club via secretary@rvjfc.com.au if you are interested in joining our committee next year.

Russell Vale Junior Football Club Registrar

The role of the Club Registrar is to supervise and be responsible for the proper registration of all players, coaches, and managers within the club. This involves all elements of the registration process, including the conduct of registration days and the proper recording of individuals details. The Registrar is expected to have good planning and organization skills and should be able to communicate with a wide range of people.

• Work with the committee to coordinate Season Registrations
• Take player details at registration days at commencement of season.
• In conjunction with the Club Secretary, Set up Terms and conditions and additional questions sections in playfootball.com.au
• Take responsibility for the integrity of the Club’s data in FFA’s playfootball.com.au, the national player registration database
• In conjunction with Club treasurer process registrations and approve players for team selection in playfootball.com.au
• Set up team allocation lists in playfootball.com.au and a database, allocate players to lists and email team lists to each team manager
• Approve coaches, managers & volunteers registered in playfootball.com.au
• Maintain Club Player, Coaches and Managers database, this includes photos and ‘Working with Children’ details
• Registrar shall be responsible for all players registering, registration cards, and deregistering of players
• Process cancellation requests after consultation with Club Treasurer and relevant committee members
• Prepare a list of players for each age group for distribution to team coaches and managers.
• Provide information as required to enable player records to be maintained.
• Liaises with the President and Committee as and when required
• Keep your Club committee informed of the status of registrations.

We have a great committee that works well together and assists each other in making this a great club to be involved in and manage.

Updated Draw

Good morning ! For those of you chasing hard for the draw to be updated , that has now happened 😉 , well at least the next 3 weeks have.
Please check the “Gameday” App or the Football South Coast website on the link below for your teams schedule.
Have a nice day

🐍🌧 Important but disappointing news 🌧🐍

Cawley Park Russell Vale Closed!!! All weekend 🌧😔🌧

Cawley Park is closed for the weekend due to ground conditions. If your children’s game is scheduled to play there this weekend starting tonight please let everyone involved know it is closed and no games will be played there.

As for other teams , please contact your Coach/Manager or check the link below or Gameday App to see if your game is still on.


This weekends games

*** Attention Everyone ***

Games tonight and Saturday are cancelled this week as per Council closures. Please alert team mates ,friends and families.

Check the link below tomorrow for Sunday’s games to see if they’re going ahead


Attention all Coaches & Managers

Please keep in contact with your team’s parents and keep them informed about the upcoming games and times of kick off.

Just in case of late changes or the weather maybe start a Facebook Page, Whats App group or anything that can help with communication amongst each other. We try update the website us much as we can with changes but in the end it comes down to what Football South Coast allow and they forward the info to our club.

Below is a link to the fixtures page on the Football South Coast page.



As for ground closures for upcoming games , all we can do is constantly go to the below link which is controlled by the Council and they update it at their own discretion and hope the ground we need to be open ,to be open for the kids to play on. There is also a link on the website on the right hand side which is a picture of the goals at Cawley Park 😉



Hope this information proves to be helpful !! If you know people that aren’t online much please be sure to contact them and let them know what is happening 🙂

Good luck this weekend !



Team Draw

Just a reminder to double check with your teams Coach/Manager the day before or on the Football South Coast website (link below) or the Gameday App either at training , the night before or early before on the game day for your teams kick off time.

With Covid-19 restrictions looking like they’ll be around forever , things may change with restrictions and numbers of people available at grounds etc etc..

Better to be safe and check than be way early or late and miss you child’s game !!


Stay Safe and clean




Cawley Park is closed until further notice due to the wild wild wet weather.

Stay dry, warm and safe Cobra fam.






We all love football and we love that its back, but we must all work together to stay safe.

To help ensure that football can continue to operate and the appropriate safeguards are in place to the reduce the risk of transmission, all players, parents, officials and spectators are required to comply with the following:

* Wash and/or sanitize hands before and after attending all training and games.
* Players arrive dressed and ready to train or play
* Limit the use of changerooms
* Players must comply with the 1.5m social distancing rule (except during games)
* Do not shake hands, high five or hug other players, officials, team officials or spectators
* Do not share drink bottles
* Limit the number of spectators that accompany you to training and games
* Avoid bringing anyone who is elderly or may be at high or increased risk of illness
* Do not attend if you have flu like symptoms or are feeling unwell
* Spectators must comply with the 1.5m social distancing rule at all times unless from the same household
* All participants and spectators must cover their coughs and sneezes
* Players and spectators must not socialize or assemble in groups before, during or after training or games
* Once training and games are finished depart the venue as soon as possible
* Get tested for COVID-19 if you develop flu like symptoms

Further information

Thank you ,and enjoy your weekend !!!


Cobra News

Good morning Russell Vale !!!

As you are all aware games kick off this weekend!!

Just thought we’d put out a few reminders and some information to help things run smoothly for the Cobra community 🐍

Parents/ Players

Anyone planning on attending could you please remember

* If you or your children feel unwell or have been in contact with anyone who has had COVID-19 please do not attend the games .

* If your child can not play could you please advise your coach or manager so they can sort any team changes.

* Bring personal sanitiser and make sure hands are washed

* Make sure kids water bottles are exclusive to them and clearly labelled with their name on them.

* Double knot the kids bootlaces so they don’t untie 😁

* If you have not already , it’s recommend you down load the COVIDSafe App , it’s better to be safe than sorry 😉

Also with the draw for your child’s team there’s an APP called “Game Day” (see logo below) , download it and search for your team and add it as a favourite and kaboom 💥 the next 3 games are there for your team plus directions on how to get to the game !! 😉

For coaches and managers there’s also an APP called “Coachany” see logo below , it helps with arranging your substitutions for your team. Hopefully it helps you out if you need it.

Anyway , good luck to all our juniors this weekend ! Stay Covid safe and all that and we hope you enjoy yourselves

Go Cobras 🐍