RD 18 U13G v Thirroul

Round 18: Russell Vale under 13 Girls All Stars Vs Thirroul at Gibson park Thirroul

Russell Vale under 13 Girls had a thrilling match against Thirroul this morning. Tension was high in the crowd with Russell Vale supporters screaming at the tops of their lungs and Thirroul supporters hoping for the first win of the season for their girl’s team.  The whole game was exhilarating and there wasn’t a dull moment. Both sides desperately wanted to win but the end score was 2-2. Every girl on the soccer field wanted to win as much as the one next to them and the coaches were chewing on their nails. The girls would have deserved a win but a draw is always better than a loss and the girls played fantastically with most of them playing in more than one position.

Keely played the whole game in mid-field with only one break and as usual she played terrifically and was always on the ball. Tyla played striker also the whole game with one break and she scored a cracking goal in the first half that was well deserved. Alyse played striker and she played an awesome game with a great goal in the second half. Sarah played striker and mid-field; she had many chances to score and was unlucky to miss out. Jade also played in striker and mid-field, she was making breaks up the side line every time she had the ball. Casey played striker and defence, she booted the ball out of this world when she was in defence. Hannah played in goalie and defence in both halves she showed how good a soccer player she is. Meg also played goalie and defence in both she played outstandingly well. Chloe played defence in the first half and she was everywhere then in the second half she showed how good a mid-fielder she is. Pamela played defence and striker which she played excellently in both and doing some massive kicks. She has been great over the last few weeks. Candice played in mid-field and defence both she did fantastic kicks and stops even after getting hit hard and a cut lip she came back hard.

I enjoyed the game and it is disappointing the year has come to an end.  The whole year has been a great experience and it was a good way to end a very enjoyable Year. I hope all the girls come back and play at Russell Vale next year as we will have an even better side than this year and even more fun than we had this year.

GO Russell Vale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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