U11 Girls GRAND FINAL Match Report

Martin Fox, the U11 Girls coach, has also done a great job all year of putting together match reports.  He’s put together one last report for the Grand Final. Read on!!!!…

Russell Vale 1 Woonona 0

U11 Grand final Girls

On what I would call the worst day I have every seen soccer played, the winds were gale force and made the game very difficult  to play.  As a team the girls played brillant they all stood tall and I hope that they will always remember the day that they won their U11 Grand final in gale force winds.

It was always a worry for me in playing Woonona who I thought where the best team that we had played all year.  We had been beaten twice by them but in our last comp game we were victors 3 nil.  It was going to be a game of who ever can a shot on goal the trophy may be yours.  The ball was hard to control and girls found it hard to stand on their feet never mind control a swirling ball and beat the Woonona defence.   The game started with the ball in and out Woonona got their first chance when we gave away a corner after a scrabble the ball was played forwarded to our goal keeper  who as she went to pick the ball up was steam rolled by a Woonona forward who kicked the ball out of the hands of Tara and scored what appeared to be a goal.  The referee appeared to award the goal as Tara was on the ground holding her face.  The Woonona players continued to celebrate and had returned to their positions to kick off.  But to my happiness the referee advised me that it wasn’t a goal. 

Our defence of Emily, Eden, Sarah and Jezebel stood strong and continued to defend in a positive manner.  The midfield found it hard to control the ball and get the ball to our forwards but Jasmin, Remi, Isabell and Brianna battled Hard to do their best.  Our Forwards of Stella and Samantha found the going tough as the ball struggled to get to them.  Our able reserves of Faith and Charlie done a great job when utilised throughout the game.  It was great to see Kyla who was sick was there to support the team along.  The first half there was not many chances with the ball continually going out for throw ins.  The half time score was nil all.

As the wind got stronger so did the girls determination to win.  They dug their heels in and played like true champions.  Chances were few and far between and with the wind slightly in our favour we were camped down in the Woonona half.  There was no clear cut chances as we all prepared for extra time, when after a goal mouth scrambled with a mere 28 seconds to go the ever present Emily struck the ball with her right foot and the yells of joy told the rest of the story.  The large Russell Vale crowd jumped as did every Russell Vale supporter finally we had hit the back of the net.  There was no time for a restart and a bunch of girls who had never played soccer before 5 months ago had just won a grand final.  One day I hope all these girls will remember.

A special thanks to everyone who was at Balgownie to support us, especially on fathers day. whoever you where cheering be proud of them, they showed true grit and spirit. Congratulations to everyone involved in Russell Vale three Grand final wins this year, a very special year for all concerned.


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