Harrison Benn selected for 2011 U10 P22 Squad

Congratulations to the “H Bomb” Harrison Benn for gaining selection into the FNSW Illawarra P22 squad. This is a group of elite athletes who will be targeting to play in the 2022 World Cup! Each association has funding for the P22 program, with professional coaching provided free of charge. The players are (very unfortunately) ineligable to play for their clubs as they ae busy training and playing games against P22 squads from the other associations. It’s with a tinge of sadness, but a great deal of pride, that we wish Harry all the best,¬†and look forward to catching up with him down at the ground watching his mates and big sister run¬†around next year. Garry.

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  1. Congratulations Harrison from myself and the other coaches at the FNSW Northern Academy on making the P22 squad . Harrison first came to us as the ‘Vale scholarship winner and immediately caught our eye as someone who worked quietly but determinedly at every session and always pushed himself to improve . In our last term he worked with the older boys and more than matched them . We also with a great deal of pride wish Harrison all the best as its fantastic that one of “our” boys takes the next step in his footballing future . Enjoy yourself and keep up the good work .

    Paul Jones .

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