Trip to Sydney FC Reminder

Hi Guys,

All the people in the email list I have organised have indicated they wanted to come on our club’s bus trip to the first home match of Sydney FC. It promises to be a great trip with the signing of Brett Emerton et al. This is potentially the best local football match I have had the fortune to attend (and I have been to some!).

As I indicated the cost per ticket is $35 for adults and $25 per child. This covers the bus and entry into the match. If this money could be forwarded to me on the night of the Competition Team Presentation that would be great as I have to purchase tickets and commence to firm up our numbers. Alternatively, call me on 0413 594 112 to organise getting the money to me.

At present I have 35 seats penciled in from the people in this email list. There are 53 seats on the bus. At present this has left me a little short in the costings. Therefore on the night of the trip I may have to ask each family to kick in an extra $10 to cover the costs (i have 15 families at present coming and this will cover some of the shortfall ie. $150, the club has agreed to kick in the rest). Therefore, spread the word around. I would love to fill the bus. It is already looking like a great night so the more the merrier.

I have arranged for the bus to pick us up from Cawley Park at 4:30pm on the night of Saturday October 15 so I think it would be in order to meet down at the ground a little earlier to socialise before our departure.

I have already received payment from The Brayes and The Luyten’s.

Speak to you all soon.



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