Competition Team Presentation Night

Just a reminder that the Competition Team Presentation Night is on next Friday the 23rd of September at the Russell Vale Community Hall. The presentation will commence at 6pm with a Sausage Sizzle provided afterwards (approx 7pm). At the conclusion of the presentation, parents and supporters are welcome to stay behind and celebrate season 2011. As mentioned a BBQ will be available and people are encouraged to bring nibbles etc.
The club will permit the responsible consumption of alcohol at this event and that due to the evening nature of the event that parents ensure their child is supervised within the confines of the Russell Vale Community Hall facility. If these two aspects are adhered to everybody will be able to celebrate season 2011 in a positive manner. Further, if people are wishing to consume alcohol that this is done after the formalities of the presentation are concluded.
Stephen Smart
Secretray RVJFC

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