Rd 6 U8 Green v Bally Red

With the last of the lovely autumn sun shining, radiating like a warm hug from Mother Nature, U8Green and their supporters met at the grounds at Corrimal. Positioned alongside the field, the bench seating offered an opportunity for U8Green spectators a wonderful, elevated view of the match.

It was pretty even match with the action covering the full area of the field. There were some great runs made, particularly by Bailey and Stuart who seemed to be the hungriest of the U8Green players.  Balgownie had a sensational girl player who was predatory in both her attack and defence, and successfully blocked many of our team’s forward momentum.

All of the RV players made individual gains and in the weeks to come they will no doubt continue to contribute to wider developments as a team. Increased proficiency controlling the ball when a pass is received is one area that will solidify their rising cohesion.

Healthy goals scored by Anakin and Stuart put RVGreen on the board and sent a wave of pride and joy through their supporters! Match award recipients for this week’s match went to Bailey for his tireless efforts throughout the whole game and Jackson who did some great dribbling up the side, avoiding the thick traffic up the middle of the pitch.


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