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Hi All,
Bellambi FC along with Wollongong City Council and Football South Coast have agreed to allow Russell Vale Junior Football Club to play at Elizabeth Park 2 to train and play our home games which is excellent news for our players but also for FSC players. This has been challenging to make this happen and i would like to thank our committee for making this happen. All training and games will be played at Elizabeth Park 2 effective from today and all necessary documentation has been submitted to cover our players that are registered to our club for insurance reasons.
Elizabeth Park 2 ground rules are the same as ours and please ensure we do not train in the goal mouths. Check that the ground is open on…/sport…/sportsgrounds
Training Allocations will be as per attached but transposed to Elizabeth Park 2, Bellambi. ie . Ground 1 is the Main Ground on the Southern side, Ground 2 is the middle ground running North to South and Ground 2B is the most Northern Ground. Those teams that were ‘South of the Creek’ will be allocated to share Ground 2B.
* Storage – The plan is to move the shipping container from Cawley Park to Elizabeth Park 2 this Wednesday to have the safety gear such as first aid, defibrillator, gear for training and game day. It will be located between Ground 1 and Ground 2 and can be accessed by all coaches with the key provided for the roller door at Cawley Park.
* Toilet – the toilet is located on the Western Side of the Ground 1 or Northern side of the Bellambi Neighbourhood Centre and will be opened on game days.
* Canteen – Canteen will be available on game days and setup besides the container. Currently we will have lollies and chips available and work on expanding the items we can sell as we mature through this new process. There will be cash and EFTPOS available for payments.
* Lighting – Lighting access has been provided to those who train at nights but if you need the lights on please contact Scott Taylor, Pete Nethercott or myself to turn the lights on.
* Host Games – We will be advising FCS that Elizabeth Park 2 is now our home ground and will be available starting this weekend.
* Ground Setup – There will be nets available for the U8/9 (Ground 2B), U10/11 (Ground 2) and Comp. Ground (Ground 1) to assist in setting up the grounds. U6/7 will continue to use the pop up goals as previous years. We will aim to have a committee member at the start of each game day to assist with the layout and setup and more information will come available to help understand the layouts for each home games.
***Duties Allocations for Home Games – All MiniRoo (U6 to U11) duties will be allocated by Ken Harris to Coaches and Managers to each team. Olivia Hira will advise the Comp teams of their duties if there is any overlap from MiniRoos. Each team will then allocate those duties to their team. Please remember that we are all volunteers and as most sports that only operate if everyone does their part so please help as much as possible and do a little bit more if requested. Any parent that does not help out with duties as part of our Terms and Conditions will be requested to advise their kids that they can not play at our club anymore. Attached is the details of the duties that will be allocated.
**Information for Match Day – Attached is the detail of how the day is organised and arranged in the ‘Team Official Information’ document for those who are new at the match days.
Please note – all details were explained at the Coach and Managers meeting for those who attended.
Using Elizabeth Park 2 is a big move for our club and we are very grateful, so please look after the ground and do not play on the ground if it is going to destroy the ground.
Please be assured that we are working with all government bodies and sponsors to install drainage at Cawley Park and i will keep you updated as large developments are made.
Enjoy your soccer and please let me know if you have any questions.
Daniel Hunter
President of RVJFC

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