U12.2 End of Year Report

It’s been a very difficult season for the U12A’s for a number of reasons.

Although they were technically superior to the majority of “hoof ball” teams in Division II – the fact it was more competitive and played at a faster pace meant they struggled at times and finished the season in 7th position.

Performance wise they were consistently – inconsistent, there were some very good results against the top teams and some poor results against the bottom teams………. it really was that kind of season.

The situation became harder after the first few games when we lost our only goalkeeper Ethan Johnson for the season with a broken ankle. Things got even worse halfway through the season when Hayley Waller (AKA Miss Messi) departed for Vietnam.

Coach’s should “Never – Ever” underestimate the importance of training and if you don’t get it right then, it‘s not going to happen on a Saturday. As Coach I take full responsibility for the inconsistency this season, unfortunately we missed at least a third of our training sessions because I was either in hospital, on a 6 week coaching course or watching LIVERPOOL play in Melbourne……..I’m sure I can be forgiven for the last one.

This is the first time in 10 years of coaching at Russell Vale that one of my teams has missed out on the play offs. However…. I still maintain this current bunch of players are by far the best footballing side I have ever coached and for the reasons I have already stated it wasn’t to be our season, that’s just the way it goes sometimes…….that’s football!

I have no doubt that if they all stick together, work hard at training, their performances will gradually improve, confidence will grow and I’m sure it wont be long before they are challenging at the top end of Division II.

I would like to say a very big thank you to Renae whom after three seasons as Manager has now decided to resign and give her vocal chords a rest. Seriously, it’s not an easy job chasing after parents trying to get them to pull their weight, I would rather work with the kids any day.

I would also like to thank Richard for helping out with the coaching, the supporters for cheering the team on and the committee for doing a good job…………I would have said excellent job but I’m still waiting for a key to the floodlights.

But most of all I thank the players for making coaching such a pleasure, I truly hope they enjoy their football as much as I do……….now onto the individual trophies…….



This player found it hard going at times in Division III and even harder this year in Division II but when we lost our goalkeeper early in the season he stepped into the breach, sacrificed his position in the outfield for the good of the team. Even by his own admission he’s not a goalkeeper but he tried so hard and produced some very brave performances that it was virtually unanimous amongst the players and coaching staff to award “Most Improved Player of the Season” in appreciation of all his efforts between the sticks to BRODY ARMOUR.


This player has been used in a utility role and in more different positions for the U12A’s than any other player. He has always put the team first, never once complained, in fact some of us are still waiting to hear him speak at all. As the season wore on his performances got better and better on the pitch and at the end of training sessions he is always the first to help with collecting bibs, balls etc…. his Mum can feel very proud that this year’s winner of “Best & Fairest” is BAILEY BAADE MORTIMER – AKA Red.


In the three years I’ve been coaching this particular squad I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this lad have a poor game. He has set the bar very high for himself and on match day or at training he always gives 100%. As a Coach you try to get the players to do the basic things well and if you are lucky, every now again, along comes a player or two that can give you that something extra special on the pitch. It’s appreciated by the other players and it’s certainly appreciated by me, so this year’s “Coach’s Player of the Year” goes to CHRISTAIN BAADE MORTIMER – AKA BLUE.


How this particular player has not won an individual trophy before now beats the hell out of me. During pre-season while several players were still basking in the glory of the previous year, this lad knuckled down, worked hard and has been a stand out performer all season. He’s one of the few players in the team that actually looked comfortable playing in Division II. He may not be the biggest of kids but my God he makes up for it with his bravery, passion for football and technical ability. I’m very pleased that the other players recognize these attributes and have voted for this year’s “Player’s Player of the Year” award to go to TOM CURRAN.


I’ve got a special trophy here that I’m sure the Committee wont mind if I present it now as it’s for Russell Vale’s Supporter Of the Year. This lad has been with us from the beginning cheering us on from the sidelines through the good times and the not so good but his support has never wavered, I give you Russell Vale’s “Supporter of the Year” – LACHLAN BENN……….maybe his brother H can do us the honours?

Lastly, even though the season didn’t go quite as we had all hoped for the U12A’s, maybe the following football sonnet will hopefully inspire them to greater heights next season.

It’s easy when your winning and your mates stand by your side,

But when your team is losing would you stay and play for pride?

When the other teams triumphant and your friends your cause disown,

Would you still play for Russell Vale when you stand there all alone?

So whenever games go wrong and the clouds above are grey,

Just close your eyes and slowly drift away,

Think about the good times and when the darkness fades,

You’ll remember Cawley Park’s a special place – it’s the field where dreams are made!

Thank you…. “GO COBRAS!”

Have a great summer!



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