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SSG Season Information 2014

Welcome to Season 2014, especially the new families to RVJFC. We are a unique club in that we actively promote community based ideals.

People are obviously appreciating the hard work of our great committee and the ideals to which the club aspires as again this year we are hovering around the 200 registration mark. This is similar to 2013 and up from 2012- 178 registrations and in 2011 – 155 registrations.

There are 3 main websites which you need to go to for your football information;

This is our clubs website and will provide you with general club information, draws, team reports and wet weather updates ie grounds closed, rescheduled fixtures etc

Football South Coast

This is the number 1 source of information for draws, rescheduled fixtures and wet weather cancellations. Get into the habit of checking this website on Thursday evenings for draw updates, venue and time of fixture changes. If a fixture is to be cancelled it will generally be done so by 7am or very close to there after.

Wollongong City Council Sportsgrounds

This is the number 1 source to check on the status of Cawley Pk, and other Wollongong City Council Grounds. If Cawley Pk is closed, training or home fixtures are cancelled. Due to FSC encompassing 3 local councils, and a number of clubs having private grounds, FSC website is the best place to ascertain whether a fixture is cancelled or not at a non WCC ground or private venue.

Facebook – search for Russell Vale Junior Football club and “like” to have all website updates streamed directly to you. Could be an easy way to help organise training etc.

Game Day

If you are playing at Cawley Pk expect to do a job of some description. This will range from cooking the BBQ, staffing the canteen, setting up goals, nets and playing fields to ground marshal. Remember – you agreed to this as a part of your registration. As like last year the committee will be asking Team Managers to keep a register of duties conducted by families within their team. This will be required to be submitted from time to time throughout the season to the committee and hopefully we will not be required to take any negative action.

All players are required to have their player ID card present at the venue at which they are playing. The team management of your child is responsible for ensuring this. Coaches and Managers MUST have their ID cards in their possession also.

Team Sheets

Was a less of a problem last year. The general rule is; if a team is playing every member of that team must be recorded on a team sheet clearly stating their name and FFA number. This team sheet MUST be signed. It is legal verification who was involved in the fixture. If these are not completed then the club will be fined. The club was fined over $100 last season. $100 not spent on the kids! Team Sheets are generally located at a central location at all FSC Junior venues.

Playing Shirts

Managers are asked to collect all playing shirts at the conclusion of each fixture. Teams usually organise a rotation system for washing. They are owned by the club are not be worn other than playing a sanctioned fixture for RVJFC.

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