RVJFC Guessing Competition

Guess who’s in this photograph???

Add a comment to this post if you can name any of the following.
– The people in this photo (and their position in the photo)
– The year it was taken
– The names of any children of the people in this photograph that are still involved with RVJFC!!!!!
If you are in this photo (or directly related) then name yourself, no-one else!


  1. Haha Jason Deale (Backrow third from the left with the bodgy haircut)Not to sure what year thou maybe 1985. My children Sarah and Happy Jack currently play for the club.

  2. The adult at back left is Paul Hughes. Now a referee. The other adult is Steven Ware. At the time they were brother in laws. I see that Matthew Morgan and Jason Deale have nominated themselves. Shane Frankham is front left and it looks like Craig Badger next to him. I recognise some of the other boys but cannot remember names or their faces are not clear enough. The photo was taken at Memorial park Corrimal. The year would be around 1982.

  3. Hey Steven, Thanks for taking a shot. So, we have our first piece of controversy! The official piece of scrap paper that was attached to the photo does not have Craig Badger listed on it????? So, who could it be? Is Steven right, or the piece of paper? Are there any other takers out there?

  4. Wow, only 3 days old and 3/4 of the people identified. As far as I can see there are only 4 left! Thanks to everyone for participating. We also have two suggestions for what year it was taken in (’82 & ’85), and noone has said what age group (and division) the boys were playing in. How about where did they finish on the ladder, Grand Finalists maybe? Must have been important for the photo to be hanging around for so long! If anyone out there has a similar photo send it through and I’ll post it when we’ve finished playing this one.



  6. Steven got me onto this….
    I think Jason Dunn’s pretty much got the whole team. I’m wondering if it’s Ian Benjamin in between Nathan Mitchell and Scott Boyd??? Shane’s already mentioned Brendan Gray next to him. I’m guessing 1984. 🙂

  7. Oh! So close!!! Jason bent the rules a little and named most of the team, all good. Being there at the time certainly helps! Only one remaining and Dianne has gone for Ian Benjamin. Hmmmmm. Well I guess I can only go by the piece of scrap paer with names etched on it. I can say that it says Ian …… not Benjamin!!!! Any other takers out there? C’Mon I
    m sure someone knows…… we also have another taker for the year. can anyone confirm that, and the age group?

  8. What about Ian Martin then? I’m sticking with 1984, Under 10’s? Well done Jason naming the whole team. Good memory! I’m sure the others could have named the whole team too.

  9. Matty agrees it is Ian Benjamin (from memory may have had a different surname). All others are as named.
    Guessing U 10’s and 1984. We’ve found another photo and we’re off to dig out the trophy to see.. OMG…

  10. we’ve changed posts.. ull’s 1985.. we’ve found the under 10’s trophies and photo… looking a bit older in this one… so i bet we’ve gone up from c’s to b’s.
    u ll’s b’s 1985

  11. Thanks everyone, looks like Ian Benjamin will no longer be known as Ian Baker in the hallowed halls of RVJFC fame. Thanks for clearing that up!!!!! Anyone out there got another old one to put up. I’m sure the Smarts’ photo books are full of them!

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