Rd 9 U14 Girls Match Report

The under 14 girls had another close game on the weekend vs Helensburgh at the Cawley Park Cauldron at 8.30am on a Sunday morning. After a week where there was no training but a video session in the sheds at Cawley Park on the Thursday night, the stage was set for a great match and the girls were pumped up and ready for the big game.

The first half was a pretty even contest and once again we had the better run of play for most of the half. Helensburgh snuck a goal in past Kylie- who only earlier had pulled off a couple of great one on one saves but this time the Helensburgh attacker found the back of the net. The girls responded magnificently and not long after, one of our newest recruits Tegan scored her first goal in a competition match in only her 2nd ever game! There was some good lead up work from Jasmine and Alyse and Tegan made no mistake with her final touch and that got us back in the game.

The second half resembled the first half in alot of ways and we had countless attacking raids set up by our energetic midfield of Jasmine, Jade and Ashleigh. Brooke and Hannah also played their part when they were in the mid field and we saw a few chances on goal go ever so close. Helensburgh broke the deadlock and went up 2-1 about 20 minutes into the second half. With only 10 minutes remaining the girls had to dig deep to score a goal and draw level- and that is exactly what they did!! Alyse smashed home a goal to draw level with about 5 minutes to go and that set the scene for (another…..) nail biting finish.

Both Teams had a few opportunities to claim the win in the final 5 minutes but it wasnt to be and in the end the draw was a pretty fair result for both Teams.

All the girls played well and a couple of girls had to adapt to a few new positions in the second half. Trying the girls in different positons is great for their overall soccer development and they will be put in postions that the coaches feel they can play in and improve in over coming weeks. The improvement in their girls skills over the last few weeks has been evident and it was good to see all the work being put in on the training paddock start to pay off with a few goals on the weekend!

A big thank you to all the parents who helped out on the weekend- Craig- for helping with the nets in morning and running the line ( and also for correctly calling a helensburgh player off side in the dying minutes of the game- That was easliy the play of the day for me!!!!) Peter who cooked up a great brekky on the BBQ (for both halves) that was so good that people came back for seconds and thirds. To Tracy, Vicki, Suzi and Wendy for their great job in the canteen and for Glen (who’s daughter Meg wasnt playing) and Carl for donning the orange vest and keeping the crowd well under control. A big thank you to all of you and it was great to see everyone willing to pitch in and help out.

Just on that, I will be taking a more hands on approach with the ground duties at home matches and that will allow Mark and Danny to get on with doing what they do the best and that is coach the girls. So if you see me in a yellow vest wandering the ground or behind the BBQ- rest assured the girls are in good hands. Having Danny helping out Mark will allow me to focus on the managing side of ther Team and Ill help out where needed at training and games and continue to be a very vocal ( and sometime embarrasing supporter/ manager/ asst coach etc…….. )

Finally, thank you to the girls who ventured out to watch the Sting Rays play down at JJ Kelly park on Sunday arvo. The skill level, athletisicm and the power generated with some of their shots on goal had to be seen to be believed and the girls would of learnt a few new tricks or two. . A good afternoon was had by all and a special thanks to Danny for organising it and Steve for taking some of the girls down to the ground and dropping them home.

Finally MK2- Wishing Meg a speedy recovery from her injured knee. Meg was sorely missed on the weekend and the sooner that she is fit and injury free the better of our Team will be. Get well soon Meg!!!



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