Rd 8 U9 White v Bally

Today was always going to be a bit of a let down after last weekend’s highs. On top of that no training during the week due to wet weather and an unsure start to Saturday morning. The ground at Cawley Park today was very slippery (I hope it survives the senior football this afternoon!) and as result the boys never really got their game going. There were flashes of it but not the fluency of last weekend. In saying that some fine performances were on display by Ethan Johnson in goals then out on the field. Casey Bray put on some fine defensive work and Angus Smart and Ben Charlesworth continued to improve. I think the boys learnt today that we need to improve our individual ball skills to take our game to the next level. The Balgownie team today had 3 or 4 players that demonstrated this to the boys. I think Jack Donnelly’s head is still spinning from a display of footwork from a girl in their team that is the best I have seen from any player all season. In saying all that in previous weeks a team like the one from Balgownie would have pumped us by 6 or more goals. Today they could only get 2 past us and had to fight all the way to the line for their win. A point mentioned by their coach at fulltime. In summary, a good performance by the boys. We look forward to next week.

Pep Guardiola

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