Rd 8 U11 v Figtree

Well, what can I say?? Another week and another pretty impressive performance. It would take a tough task master to fault the performance, but when the only thing you can say is “You should have scored more” things can’t be too bad! Well done to everyone.

We were without Thomas Murray due to illness, but thanks to Paul for coming down and helping out around the ground.We shuffled the back line a bit and tried to chain Mark to one of the full back positions. The “pass master” did a great job and got forward quite a lot. Dean was also shackled to the centre back position with TK, and Jas played in the other full back position. I think the most impressive statistic of the year so far is that we have only given up 2 goals all year, and that is testament to how well these guys are playing each week. Braeden was also recovering from the flu so was happy to go relatively untested. I left a little early to go and watch Ben play but I think I can only remember him touching the ball once or twice.

Jacob, SamM, SamL and Ryan kept the opposition busy up front. There were quite a few times when I counted 10 opposition bodies inside the 8 yard box, especially on TK’s thunderous corners. The kids will have to learn how to break down this type of defensive play, and will soon figure out that they can keep the ball wide, drag players out and then send it in, rather than belting the ball into a wall of players. Goals went to SamM, Jacob, Reuben and Ryan.

The last word should be saved for our mid field trio of MattyD, Reuben, and Wilson. I reckon that Wilson had his best game of the season, if not the best game of anyone¬†this year. Julio put it best when he said he was “carving them up” the right side. It was an absoloute bloodbath. Well done Wil.

Don’t like our chances of training this week, but let’s hope for the best.


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