Rd 7 U12.1 v Shellharbour

A big week for the 12s. We waved goodbye to coach Julio for a few weeks and met our new technician, grant Hughes. This was our chance to secure a third win in a row, keep the winning feeling and move up the ladder after our “soft start”.

The start to the game didn’t disappoint. Three goals in quick succession. Two from Jack and one from Jai. The ref was a bit harsh and ruled an own goal, but for mine Jai’s goal was a deflection and claimed as his. Jack finished off a nice cross for his first and made a good challenge on the goalie for his second.

The side was playing solidly and throughly deserved their lead. As with all the sides we have come up against they had some quality players who were kept under wraps by our mid field and backs.

But then something happened.

One of their brutes took a pot shot from way outside and didn’t give Braeden a chance. The looked on the up. The had a few more attacking raids and managed to get a cross in to find 2 unmarked players coming through. 3-2 not far off half time.

The boys came off field and felt confident, but didn’t take the field with it. Another goal to the bad guys and it was all tied up. A coach killer.

About half way through and Jack broke on a through ball, rounded the goalie and slotted the ball home. It seemed to take forever to get there, but it did eventually make it to the back of the net. From there on they defended confidently and thoroughly deserved their 4-3 win.

Positionally it was a pretty standard game. Jack, Wilson, SamM, and Ryan up front. Matty, Jai, mark, and Ruben in the middle. TK, TomM, Dean and Jacob at the back. SamL did a good job out of position at left back, and should be proud of the effort he put in.

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