Rd 6 U11 v Oak Flats

Another great test for the kids. We played against one of the best teams in the comp with one of our best players, Matty D sunning it up on the Gold Coast! To top that off Ryan and Jasmin were both sore after the Cross Country yesterday, Dean was hobbling around at training during the week and SamL is still sore, even if he won’t admit it! All of our injured contingent played on and did their bit for the team. Special thanks to all of you for not taking the easy option.

We made a slight adjustment to the formation with Dean moving to Full back and Jacob pushing forward. I think it worked really well with both of them playing great football in their positions. Jacob picking up a goal for his efforts. I reckon we’ve found the balance we’ve been looking for and on the whol ethe kids will stay in their positions for most matches.

The mid field were made to work hard, and all three responded very well. Mark in particular enjoyed filling in Matty’s position and saw a lot of the ball, as always his passing was cool, calm, collected, and accurate. Both Will and Reuben worked well up and down the park.

Our forward line of Jacob, SamM and Ryan had lots of ball and lots of opportunities, it’s a difficult thing, if you score the goal you look like a hero, but if you hold onto it and try to beat that last guys sometimes it doesn’t look so good. A bit more practice, a bit more passing to each other and we could have easily put a few more goals away. SamM poached the first goal early on in the game to settle the nerves (well, mine anyway)

As always our defence is our true strength. ThomasM played his best game of the season, TK always plays well and Dean, Jas and SamL also won lots of ball and got forward when needed.

After the game the opposition coach offered his vote for Best and Fairest for our team and said that Braeden was the best Goal Keeper he has seen in the competition so far. There were certainly no arguments from me.  We lived a bit dangerously in the second half, but I think the opposition teams are going to have to do very well to get the ball past our back line and Braeden this year.

Well done everyone, ¬†next week we play against Albion Park then we will have played every team in the comp. It is shaping up as a good year and I’m looking forward to the Knockout comp at Oak Flats.


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  1. Congratulations again to the Under 11’s!! They are certainly shaping up as one of the Teams to beat this year in their Competition. Whilst there is still a long way to go until finals time, their efforts and results to date are something that all Russell Vale players and parents can be proud off!! Great stuff!!

    Michael Benn
    Club Secretary

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