Rd 5 U11 v Kiama

As predicted a close game this week. I think it would be fair to say we had the run of play, just couldn’t put the ball in the net after a few good chances. Kiama could have easily taken the game if they had put their chances away as well. It’s a good wake up call for the kids, they know that there is some stiff competition out there and they will have to work and play well to get results.

For my 2 cents Jasmin didn’t stop trying all game, made some really good tackles and passed well when she was in possession. Braeden saved us a couple of times and TK did his customary job at the back cleaning up everything that made it through. We;ll keep on working on passing to our teammates and getting into space, the rest, I’m sure, will fall into place as the season goes on.

Next week’s game is against Oak Flats, who beat Kiama 4-0 last week! We’ll also be without MattyD so they will certainly have to work hard…..

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