Rd 3 U11 v Port Kembla

Another good week for the U11s. With the distraction of the school holidays behind them and a few good training sessions they kids are starting to put it all together. Jasmin was stuck at home with a good dose of the flu. It unfortunately meant she missed out on the trials for the Regional Schoolgirls team. This is really disappointing for her, but I’m sure she will bounce back next year and create havoc again.

The score was 1 nil at half time, but that didn’t reflect the number of chances they created (never does!). The cross bar and goal posts took a pounding during the opening 25 minutes. SamM eventually made the break away and put the ball in the back of the net.

We were fortunate to have Julio around again and he sorted out a few things at half time. SamM made another break, danced around the goalkeeper and dribbled the ball into the net for his second. Things were looking up. Port Kembla pulled a goal back and  had another couple of chances that could have easily had the score at 2 all, but a little luck went our way. We pulled away with well taken strikes to Wilson and Matty D. Ryan again slid the knife in with an unassuming strike at a really fine angle, catching everyone off guard to finish off proceedings and a final score line of 5-1.

Braeden had a sore foot so he spent the whole game in goals and let TomM run around in the centre of defence with the ever reliable TK. If there was such thing as a coaches award (need to sort that out some how) TK saved the break-aways and tidied things up a number of times (read – SAVED OUR BACON) Dean was his usual excited self and ran like crazy from the back line to the strikers position, and occasionally back again.

Mark and Jacob both had runs in Midfield and up front, both enjoyed the change from the defensive line.

SamL came on for a while but I think I was in as much pain as he was, just watching him try to run.

Bally next week, and as far as I can work out they haven’t been beaten this year, should be a great game. 8:30am at home. Look forward to seeing you all there.

The message from the Supercoach (Julio) is clear, passing, passing, and more passing. Plenty of drills to work on at training.


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