Rd 4 U9 White v Bulli

Today’s effort was not reflected in the score line. I believe it is the best we have played all season. A little more luck and the score would have been much closer than 6-1. The patches in which we are actually playing football are increasing. The message out of today is we need to keep doing what we are doing and things are going to fall into place. The trophy recipient today was Jordan Errington who is leading the way in both commitment and skill. In saying all that however, if there is one thing I would like to see the boys improve in , it is in this aspect. I would like to see the boys get “stuck in” more. Don’t hang off, but get in there and tackle, and get hungry for the ball. That is something I can’t coach, the boys individually and collectively need to adopt that attitude. Onwards and upwards boys. See you all at training. Lets get hungry !!!!


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