Rd 16 U14.2G v Figtree

Contender for match report of the year……

The girls came away from Figtree on Sunday morning with a well deserved 3-2 win. The goals that were scored were all quality and it was a wonderful all round Team performance.
The great thing to come out of Sundays game was the confidence and belief everyone had in their Team mates performance. Everyone stuck to their jobs and also supported and backed up Team mates where need be. Whilst the score line read 3-2 it flattered our opponents to some degree as we had the better of both halves and only kept them in the game with a couple of lapses in concentration. Hannah started the goal scoring spree with a cracker of a shot from just inside the 18 yard box and had their not been a net could of well ended up in a neighbouring suburb! At that point in time, I thought I had seen what would be hard to beat as our goal of the year. This was Hannah’s first goal in comp soccer and it was a special one to remember!

The second goal was from Ashleigh and it was great to see her rewarded for all her tenacity this year with a goal to take us to 2-1. The goal was a real opportunist goal and the amazing thing about Ashleigh is that she creates half chances out of nothing. This was another one of those and once the keeper came off her line and misdirected a kick, she was quick to pounce on it and lob it over the goalies head and gave it enough to score her first goal in comp soccer as well!

Figtree score a goal in the last 5 minutes and I started to think that we would end the game with another draw. Thankfully our Mid fielder Brooke had other ideas and when she got the ball at her feet with less than 2 minutes to go outside the 18yard box she composed herself and took a leaf out of Hanna’s book and blasted it into the back of the net! Hannah had held the title of goal of the year for a good 40 minutes but with the game in the balance and under the circumstances the title currently would be with Brooke. This was also Brooke’s first goal in comp soccer and to have 3 girls score their first goal in the same game was truly memorable.

This was our best Team performance and everyone contributed to the result. Paige was great on the left side of the field up front in the first half and then played a vital role in the mid field in the second half. She has grown in confidence each week and the last few games have been her best! Jasmine and Jade ran all day, defended well and set numerous plays up front for the strikers. They have contributed to results all year and this game was no different. Some of throw throw ins to re start play were ENORMOUS and got the Team going forward all day. Teegan was great all game and was a constant threat up front. She was unlucky not to get a goal and like Ashleigh uses her pace to make half chances out of nothing.

Our mid fielders and forward line were both great and for them to be successful you need to have a strong defensive unit and that is what we have formed particularly over the last few games. The defenders job can be seen as one of the less glamorous roles in a Team but is absolutely crucial to the success in any Team. Our defenders have been sensational and were again outstanding on the weekend. Mia and Sarah both played well on the sides and cleared the ball well and made the right decision time and time again, their desperation in defence was great and set the platform form the rest of the girls to follow. Chloe and Emily who guarded the centre combined and communicated well. They won most 50-50 contests and their ball control was good throughout the Match. They have been great all year and have been excellent over the last few weeks! Kylie our fearless goalie put the Team before her self when she agreed to play both halves in goals. She does a great job in goals and this match was no different. She is playing with a damaged finger at the moment but still pulls the gloves on each week!

With 2 games remaining we will be looking to enjoy them as much as possible and continue to improve on everything we have focused on over the last few months. The girls soccer development has been staggering this year and we are a completely different Team-skills wise- from the one that started the season 17 rounds a go. The girls attitude, effort and commitment has been first rate all year and we will be looking to continue this over the final 2 rounds. Brooke and Hannah have put out the challenge for goal of the Year and it would be great to see a few more goals challenging for the title in the coming games….


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