No Smoking on Sportsgrounds

New Ban on Smoking in Spectator Areas of Sports Grounds or other Recreational Areas during Organised Sport Events
The NSW government has introduced a new ban on smoking in spectator areas of sports grounds or other recreational areas while organised sporting events are being held.
This ban came into effect on 7 January 2013.
Please refer to the information provided in the attached NO SMOKING FACT SHEET. Fines of up to $550 apply for breaches.
Most Councils have already installed signage at their Council venues, however as you can see from the attached factsheet, it is not necessary for signage to be erected for the ban to apply.
Valentine Sports Park is a smoke free venue and Football NSW will ensure that this is noted on information relating to events held at Valentine Sports Park.
Please ensure that Smoke Free is also noted on information issued regarding events held at your venues.
Attached are signs/images that can be used to promote Smoke Free.
For more information please visit or
Michelle Hanley
Risk Manager &
State Member Protection Officer
PO Box 6146, Baulkham Hills BC NSW 2153
P +612 8814 4402 | F +612 9629 3770

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