Message from the King Cobra

Hi All,
Thank you to Alison Byrnes MP who was kind enough to visit Cawley Park, Russell Vale the home of Russell Vale Football Club and see for herself the impacts to our ground. As everyone in the local community knows the impacts of the rain on main grounds has impacted playing surfaces and unfortunately this year, we have not played any games or trained at Cawley Park the entire season.
Alison Byrnes acknowledged the impact but also was very supportive and is very passionate about building for a better future. Alison also advised that Cawley Park is part of the Election Promise to improve drainage at Cawley Park and Labor will contribute some funds to assist us getting back to the ground we love.
We look forward to working with the anticipated strategy that will present a renewed focus on better planning of infrastructure for climate adaption within all levels.
Thank you to everyone for their hard work and dedication for the mighty Cobras.
Club President
Daniel Hunter

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