Massive Thank you to all the kids , families and RVJFC Committee members after a fantastic day out at the clubs Luke Kerr Gala Day held at Elizabeth Park 2/3 on Sunday August 14th !
Special mention to Mike of Dragon Photography who had a massive weekend with both days taking shots all day yesterday and also our team photos on Saturday from 7am onward! Attached are thousands of photos from our gala day , we hope you enjoy them and thanks Mikey !
Mega Cobra thank you to our volunteers who helped out with duties over the weekend on the BBQ ,canteen , field duties , food supplies and supporting the kids ! It makes such a difference and does not go un noticed by the community 🙂
And finally , a King Cobra shoutout to RVJFC’s Committee members !!! Led by King Cobra -President Daniel Hunter! None of these days or weekends would run at all without all of you Volunteering your time all making it great for the kids of Russell Vale and surrounding communities ! Thanks team , great work.
Actually , thank you to every Volunteer Committee member out there of any junior sport club , without you all it wouldn’t happen !!!
Have a great day everyone 😊

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