Ground Condition and Training

Michael Benn and myself have discussed the current ground condition at Cawley Park. The western side of the main field is very wet and muddy at present, and from my experience of playing on it on the weekend, not real good for trying to play progresssive passing football!!!!. Michael and I have decided to ask all who use Cawley Park that we avoid the western side as much as possible.
The eastern side is very good at present so we would encourage all who use the main field to try and utilise the eastern side of the field. If space is at a premium, and light is appropriate (more associated with SSG teams), we encourage you to move over the creek and use the space over there.
Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Further, I think we need to put this in place until further notice, or until the grounds dry out.
Michael Benn and Steve Smart

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