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 It has come to my attention that there has been a few issues pertaining to spectators congragating around the goal mouth at Cawley Park home matches. It is club policy that a 8m exclusion be placed each side of each post at each goal. Could you please inform your parents of this policy as it is the expectation that ground marshalls at Cawley Park enforce this policy. Further, if a ground marshall makes a formal complaint that a parent has not followed their instruction to spectate outside the 8m exclusion zone then FSC juniors will become involved. This will have a consequence of a formal warning re the breach of the rule. The bottom line involves  FSC ruling that a parent in breach of this rule will not be allowed to attend ANY NSW Football match for a prescribed period.
Cooperation in this matter would be appreciated.

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  1. Gents,

    It may be worthwhile posting a link or a direct copy of the club rules onto the website so any parents wanting to support their kids playing for this team are aware of their requirements while doing so. There have been a couple of contentious issues this season and the club should take a proactive approach to informing parents of their rights, not a reactive one.
    This could save any problems further into the season.

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