Football South Coast Junior Council AGM

FSC Juniors held it’s AGM on Wednesday night. Part of the process is voting on changes to the by-Laws for the 2012 season. RVJFC had proposed a few of the changes and much to our pleasure they were all voted in. In summary they were:

  1. The Optus Small Sided games handbook will become the rules for SSGs. In the past FSC have published it’s own set of rules in it’s by-laws.
  2. “Grouping” of teams in both Under 9 and Under 10 age groups (SSGs). Note this does not mean individuals will be graded into teams, but once the teams are formed the club can apply to play in either Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced group.
  3. Where clubs don’t have enough players to form a team on their own they can mix with another club and form a combined team.
As a small club we are extremely proud to have been able to influence the structure of football right across the region for the benefit of all the kids.
Garry and Steve.

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  1. Great news!!!

    Fantastic effort guys. Progression is a wonderful thing and you should be extremely proud of the changes you have helped facilitate. I am certainly grateful that our local club is proactive and passionate about Football inclusivity and growth- when everybody can work towards their personal best in a challenging context, genuine skill development and good times ensue!

    Hey Garry- thanks for everything you coordinated and achieved as president of RVJFC. Your enthusiasm and commitment have helped to make RVJFC the great club it is today. (No pressure Michael!!!!!)

    We are all looking forward to the 2012 season- Seriously, why would you lace up anywhere else????

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