Attached is the latest details about the 2021 season and beyond from Football South Coast.

Unfortunately the situation has changed quite rapidly within the last week and since meetings with clubs, and with the increasingly high number of COVID cases and the likelihood of further lockdown extensions, it is extremely unlikely that our competitions will resume.
If there is any chance of football resuming under the Public Health Order (as per attached calendar), FSC and member clubs acknowledge the need to provide football for the mental and physical health and well-being of our community, therefore there may be a possibility (albeit an ever reducing one) of facilitating friendly games for interested clubs and based on ground availability.
Please refer to the below link which will provide information in relation to:
– Football activity resumption dates based on feedback from clubs and Football Councils and as mentioned, regrettably, this is looking less and less likely to occur
– Decisions around League Champions and Promotion / Relegation
– Fee structures, we request any further queries be directed to your clubs in the first instance.
We all hope you take care and stay safe.


COVID-19 Update: Friday 13 August 2021


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