Rd 3 U9 White v Wollongong

What a difference a week makes! Last week we came up against a red hot Unanderra team that was well drilled in positional and team play. As a consequence they caught us a bit short and put 4 past us in the first half. A few instructions at half time saw us able to stop the goals and improve our team play. At training during the week the boys worked on their team play and positions and today they implemented the “plan”. Well done boys, the inter change of passing at times today was excellent. This saw us come away with a 1 -1 draw against Wollongong Olympic at Beaton Park. We still have long way to go but the improvement has begun!!!! Most of the boys our now starting to think like footballers!!! I look forward to seeing more sweeping moves like the ones I saw today among Jack Donnelly, Jordan Errington & Jack Bell along with Ethan Johnson, Tom Curren and Jake Ryan. With play like that we are well on the way to being the Barcelona of Cawley !!!!!!

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