Rd 17 U11.2 v Kiama

The kids bounced back very well this week even with the week off and disruptions due to the rain. Last time we played at Kiama we couldn’t hit the back of the net at all and had to leave with a Nil-all draw. Luckily history didn’t repeat itself and the final score line of 3-0 probably didn’t show how dominant the kids were. They also played without SamL and Wilson so they¬†had to run all game without any subs.

The goals were shared between SamM, Matty and Jacob, and were all well taken shots. Matty was probably unlucky with a couple more including andother great effort with his head. I was just as pleased with his effort then, and I was with his goal from the edge of the box. History did come back to bite us a little with a missed penalty shot, but not to worry about that too much. Interestingly the assistant referee (linelsman) on our side of the field was the referee from last year’s grand final! I couldn’t help myself so I went up and had a quick chat to him after the game and asked him why the two shots were retaken last year. His reply… Blame the linesman!!!!! He said that the linesman indicated that t SamM moved his feet forward off his line before the ball was kicked. Lucky I’m a placid type of guy!!!!!!

In general the team played well, kept their shape, and passed the ball around. One of the nice stories was that after the game the Kiama kids thanked ours for the game and said that they hoped we would win the Grand Final. Nice touch.

Next week we play Oak Flats at home and will be without ThomasM. The following week will be the Major Semi without Ryan. Should be a great couple of weeks coming up. Hopefully everyone can keep all their bones in tact!!!!!!

Training early at 4:30pm on Tuesday.

The U11 Girls are playing at home on Friday night so it might be a good time to hang around for a bit of a get together after training on Friday.


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