Rd 16 U12.2 v The ‘Burgh

Rnd 16

Russell Vale 0 v 0 Helensburgh

Always a good atmosphere at Friday night games and the match didn’t disappoint either. This evening the U12A Cobras came off age and proved they can cut it with the best in Division II. Up against top of the league Helensburgh, Russell Vale took to the field with only ten players but seconds before the kick-off we were joined by Sean Donnelly from the U12B side. Although the Australian football curriculum dictates a 4-3-3 formation I decided to go with 4-4-2 in respect to our opponents.

It’s funny how after a lifetime in football you tend to remember the Grand Final victories, the games where you came from behind three times to win 5-3 or the 10-0 drubbings you dished out. Very few people will ever recall a 0-0 draw but I think everyone present at Cawley Park will remember this one. It was played at an electrifying pace with good football from both sides. Helensburgh had the better of the first half and could have been leading at half time had it not been for the post and clearances off the line from Tom Curran and Sean Donnelly, the latter in most acrobatic style. Tom Curran also had to contend with marking the fastest winger in the league and although he was severely tested at the start of the game, as the match wore on he had him comfortably in his pocket.

In the second half Helensburgh still created chances and Brody Armour’s goal led a charmed life at times but Russell Vale battled hard and created a flurry of chances of their own. Baxter Bowler Prentice, Blair Dunn, Harrison Benn, Christian Baade Mortimer and Jordan Errington all went close to scoring that elusive first goal.

Overall it was a fair result and the point won this evening will probably be enough to keep us in Division II. It still depends on other results but regardless of where we finish there’s no question that tonight’s performance was a tremendous “TEAM” effort. It was the first time Brody Armour and Russell Vale had kept a clean sheet all season. Defensively Tom Curran and Sean Donnelly were superb and the centre backs Jack Donnelly and Clayton Walker both had a solid game. In midfield Harrison Benn displayed his full repertoire of passing and Baxter Bowler Prentice literally owned midfield with his lunging tackles and lung bursting runs. Either side of them we had Christian Baade Mortimer terrorising them down the right flank and Blair Dunn causing problems down the other wing. Up front Riley Hanlon and Jordan Errington ran all night and when attacks broke down they were quick to act as our first line of defence and put pressure on the best defence in the league…….it’s nights like these that makes Coaching a real pleasure.

In my opinion besides Russell Vale, Helensburgh are the only other footballing side in Division II and I sincerely hope they go onto win the League.



p.s. Please note next Saturday (away) to Lakeside 8:30am K/O. It’s a bugger of a job to find their ground so allow plenty of time.

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