Rd 14 U11 v Albion Park

The record book will show another win and another 3 points, but as often is the case the record books don’t tell much of a story. We came into the game facing the team at the bottom of the table, and as our regular readers would know our kids are sitting comfortably on top. As our fan base will also know we don’t get off to very good starts. Apparently, even if it is a 11:00am kick off!!!! I would have thought this would suit the kids, but it seems they just can’t get started untill trhe second half, and at the end of the day that’s when the games are won!!!! Maybe we were just missing Mark who was away on holidays……

In saying that I’m probably being a bit harsh. They did create a few chances in the first half and could have easily gone to the break a few goals up. SamM was running on empty after being sick the night (and morning) before. After struggling along he came off to try to find a cool place to sit (boy it was hot for the middle of winter!) Jacob was more than happy to fill in up front for Sam for the remainder of the game.

The kids accepted Julio’s half time motivational speech and took to the field with much more focus and determination. Ryan, who was also struggling with the flu, finished a nice passing move and decided not to “chip the gaolie” as is his normal custom, but slotted the ball into the back of the net. This was followed by Wilson getting his head in the way of a TK corner kick and gently guided the ball past the goalie. Well done Wil, and another example of what the kids can accomplish if they turn up to training and practice, we haven’t done much structured training around headers, but the kids do get together and it is something Wil and the kids have been practicing in their “spare time”  at the start and finish of the sessions. With TK’s exceptional kicking I’m sure there’ll be another on offer before the end of the year. Jacob also came close with a rarely seen “reverse header” and was also unlucky not to put another couple of goals away.

SamL pummelled the gaols a few times with one shot bouncing off the cross bar and side posts but refusing to go in. Eventually a defender helped SamL with an own goal, whioch was also a header, keeping in the spirt of the day.

Our structure improved in the second half with MattyD and Reuben also getting more involved and holding their position in the middle of the park. Wil made several great runs down the flanks as did Deano, even if he did stop for an occasional laugh at the opposition. Probably one of Deans better games at the end of the day when he chose to keep the ball and play football, rather than flogging the ball when it came his way. ThomasM also kept his position and the strikers under control and intecepted a lot of ball. Jasmin was as solid as ever and took on a few heavy hits, refusing to back down.

I spoke to two parents of oppostion players who I know through work and their comments were that the kids are obviously playing on a different level and the most impressive thing is the way they are playing with a structure, and being disciplined enough to stay in a formation and pass the ball around, which was really pleasing to hear.

Not long to go in the season and the League Championship is all but sewn up. The important thing now is to maintain the standard and not get complacent. More importantly keep on improving skill levels and get set up for a great season next year. The other goodies and recognition will hopefully follow. We still have a comp game against Kiama, at Kiama, without SamL and Wil playing, to get through (bogey side at the bogey field…..)!!!!!!!


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