Rd 12 U11 v Kiama

Kiama have been our bogey team, and bogey ground, over the last 12 months. A few of us still carry the empotional scars of the Grand Final at Kiama last year and the first round game ended up a nil – all draw down there this year.

After a quick photo shoot we waved goodbye to Paul and Thomas as they set sail on a week long Cruise, they’ll also miss the game next week.

The team played pretty well, and again dominated proceedings, spending the majority of the time attacking. To be honest I actually missed two of the goals as I was chatting with other parents which isn’t good form. I’m told that SamM took a crack at goal from near the edge of the penatly box and Jacob took a good chance as well. I saw TK’s goal from the free kick, and while it wasn’t a peach of a shot (like last year’s grand final) it was good to see the ball in the back of the net.

Some of the other highlightsd were the passing and runnign with the ball. After Julio’s half time pep-talk (read threat!) Wilson managed to get his head in the way of a corner from TK and if it would have gone into the net would have been the goal of the year.

We were pretty strong across the park, the areas we need to keep working on are positional play around the mid field, we tend to get heaps of bodies forward when attacking and everyone ends up ion the front line, leaving a massive hole in between the front line and the defenders. Also need to make the decision to pass or shoot just one touch earlier. The intent is certainly there, but they tend to hold onto the ball for that one extra touch and give the defenders just a sniff of it, long enough for them to get a boot in the way. They are developing such good judgment, but probably need to trust themselves and their team mates a little more and take their game to another level. Last preach of the day is that sometimes it’s better to go forward than back.

All-in-all another great effort. Looking forward to next week away from home against a side that plays pretty good football.

Look forward to seeing everyone at training. A special thanks to the kids who rugged up an braved the elements last week and trained on Tuesday night.



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