Rd 1 U16G v Thirroul

Hi All,

What can I say WOW 7 – 1, I am so happy and proud for you girls. All the hard work that you have been doing at training is working, OR was it daylight saving – the extra hour sleep must have helped. Whatever the reason there are no more excuses for early morning games.

It was an amazing feeling to be up 3 nil in the first 10 minutes of the game and only to get better with a 6 nil lead at half time.

Sundays game was outstanding. It was a great effort from all the girls. We only had 12 girls available for this game and it was a lot to ask for from the girls for the first game of the season. Everyone ran tirelessly throughout the game and it was great to see their fighting spirit kick in when they were starting to run out of puff.

We still have the other girls that were not available today (Jazz, Alyse, Chloe A, Kirra, Layla) to come back into the team. The squad has a lot of depth this year so we are in for a big year.

For me today Sarah’s efforts were outstanding. Sarah your countless chasing and clearing of the ball was excellent.

Well done Kylie. Stopping the ball with your hands, feet and stomach! Great work let’s keep this up for the rest of the season.

Chloe J you are such a fighter. Your never die attitude is great to watch well done.

The defenders Hannah, Emilee and Meg great work you three girls were awesome in the back line. You all stepped up putting your body on the line. Hannah nice goal!

Madeline a lot of running and chasing your hard work was much appreciated great to watch keep it up. Again welcome to the team.

Brooke, Jade a lot of good runs and through balls. Brooke nice goal. I keep telling you believe in yourself it will happen and it did, great goal.

The forwards Paige, Ash and Teya well done girls. Paige great goal, great runs down that right hand side, let’s keep this up.

Ash well done 4 goals. In my years of playing soccer I did not achieve this in a single game so you now have one over me. But you still must do as I say! Ha ha!!

Teya for someone who has not played soccer before your efforts are amazing, great runs down the left hand side keep up the good work and the goals will come for you as well. Welcome to the team.

Overall girls it was a great effort to be celebrated but let’s make sure we do not get ahead of ourselves. It is a long season and we need to be consistent. Remember this feeling and take it into each game from here onwards.

Remember, Work as a Team by Supporting each other, Praise each other, Be Confident in yourself and Believe in yourself and Don’t panic on the ball (Relax and look around) AND HAVE FUN!

From a Very Happy Coach


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