Presentation Day 2020

Presentation Day 2020 🏅🏆
This years presentation day for all junior teams will be October 31st and held at Cawley Park , Russell Vale.
Here are the times for the different aged groups
U6s (21 players) at 9am-9.20am
10 min. Break
U7s (39 players) at 9.30am-9.50am
10 min. Break
U8s (22 players) at 10am-10.30am
10 min. Break
U9s (18 players) at 10.40am-11am
10 min. Break
U10s (32 players) at 11.10am-11.30am
10 min. Break
U11s (24 players) at 11.30am-11.50am
10 min. Break
U12s & U13s (38 players) at 12pm-12.30pm
10 min. Break
U14s & U16s (29 players) at 12.40pm-1.10pm
This year being at Cawley Park, the club will be only asking for only one person if possible to support the player and we be having groups no larger than 20 in each section. The club will have cones set out and the COVID Marshal will be advising the location of each team to ensure the social distances.
Can you please ensure we all keep a distance of 1.5m if you are not from the same family. The players will be asked to go in one group of less than 20 and the parents of that team will be in another group of less than 20.
If Coaches/Managers would like to come and get their teams medals and then present them somewhere in another location ,that will be fine too and probably help with the whole social distancing thing 😬.
Also it is COMPULSORY that all Coaches and Managers have to return their full kit bags and balls and any other items borrowed from the club , thank you !!
Hope to see all players/teams there for one last Cobra celebration !

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