Major Semi U11.G v Unanderra

Russell Vale Vs Unanderra

Today we played the major semi final against premiers Unanderra on a beautiful sunny day at Beaton Park.  The girls turned up quite nervous and there was lots of nervous energy floating around.  After a sit down with the girls and an understanding of the games proceedings they all became very settled.  I told them today was just another game and they didn’t let me down.  We started strong and within a few minutes Samantha had a great chance but a great save from the Unanderra goalkeeper kept it nil all.  As we continued to attack we grew with confidence and a strong attack was finished off with a fine shot by Samantha which sailed well over the keepers head to make it one nil.  It is amazing what an early goal can do for all the parents’ nerves.  As the half went on Unanderra  started to build momentum a couple of great stops by goalkeeper Tara kept it one nil till five minutes before half time when Unanderra had a runaway and a great strike by their forward made it One all.  There were a close couple of calls by both teams but the score remained at one all.  The goal that Unanderra scored had me worried as it had been a long time since we had a goal scored against us. But this team of girls who today played like champions proved me wrong.

The second half started and within one minute we scored a shot by Jasmine made the score two one.  It was a tough game Unanderra wanted that goal but a strong goal kick by Eden sent Jasmine on her way with a 75m run up the sideline and a great finish by Jasmine made it three one.  I would rate that goal as goal of the season.  We dug in deep and every player ran hard and made every tackle count and most of all kept Unanderra out from scoring.  

Today every player played their best game and we played like a team.  Well done girls you all did yourself proud and played today in a spirit that showed that you all a great future as young soccer players.  We have a well deserved rest next weekend all I can say is bring on the Grand Final you deserve to be there. CONGRATULATIONS.



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