Major Semi U11.2 v Bally

Another Major Semi, and anothes loss on penalties for the kids. What really hurts is that they deserved to go through, but couldn’t put the ball into the net. Dean Owen took a video of the game and I had the opportunity to check it out tonight. Trust me, it wasn’t any easier to watch it again.

We probably didn’t start the game very well, and most of the play was in our own half, but they didn’t create any real chances. SamM probably had the best chance of the opening period but lifted the ball over the cross bar. After about 15 mins they sent a long ball through which wasn’t dealt with very well and they put it away for a one nil lead. To their credit the kids woke up and started passing a bit better. Matty D was outside the box and found himself in space . He gave the ball a bit of a whack and it sailed into the net without giving teh keeper any chance. This was followed up by chances to SamM, SamL, and another longer range effort from Matty. Right on teh stroke of half time SamL crossed a pearler into mark which hit the upright and noone was able to get onto the rebound.

A quick pep talk and they hit the field with the gale force wind which was mainly cross field slighly in their favour. I was really hopeful they’d get in front. Dean moved his video post down towards the goal and filmed from behind as all the pay was down that end of the field. They didn’t have many chances at all with Braeden only getting a few touches. The back five of Dean, TK, Thomas, Jasmin and jacob keeping them out. Jas backed up after nearly a week off school to play. 

At times there was some excellent pasing play across the midfield with Matty D and Wilson seeing most of the ball, and getting through the bulk of the work. Reuben held his position very well and showed his usual nice touch.

The front three of SamM, Saml and Mark were made to work very hard in thick traffic. All were marked well by the opposition. Need to keep the off-the-ball movement going to create the space to create holes in the defence. Again in the second half there were quite a few good chances, but none hit home.

SamL was taken down outside the box and TK took the free kick. It was in for all money going over the keeper when it dipped as it was going into teh wind and the keeper got his hands to it and no one could get to the deflection.

Extra time was much the same as the second half, and there’s no point in talking about the penalties, except to say that Braeden kept us in the game with some fine saves.

At the end of the day football can be a frustrating game. If the ball doesn’t go in, you don’t get the points.

I am confident they can turn things around and come back. They have worked hard all year and do deserve better. We had a good, fun, session tonight and will work hard again on Friday night on teh technical stuff. Creating space in heavy traffic and moving the ball out of defence quickly.


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