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We have started the task of getting the long grass at Cawley Park down to a manageable length, to assist in drying and to get the field back to a playable state, This is not going to be a quick fix, nor an easy fix. We are asking for your assistance in this task.
What is required, I hear you ask?
There is a lot of long grass that needs cutting down, the best tool for this is a blade attachment for a whipper snipper, the line trimmers will work to some extent. If you have one of these and can bring it down that would be greatly appreciated.
The other important task that is needed is to remove as much of this cut grass as possible, if you have a wheelbarrow and a rake, please bring this, if you just have a rake, please bring this, many hands make light work, don’t feel you cannot assist, there will be many wheelbarrow trips to be emptied, grass to be picked up, your assistance will be greatly appreciated and utilised. We will put on a free sausage sizzle and drink, at 6pm, doing as much as we can under lights 😊
I will be there from about 10am, but any time you can provide over the course of the day will be greatly appreciated. I know there will a number of people turning up from 4pm onwards.
Wednesday the 20th and Thursday the 21st
Any amount of time you can give will go a long way to getting this task completed.
Thank you all in advance
Groundsman RVJFC

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