Hi Cobra Kai
After inspecting the grounds after Friday and Saturday’s games in the wet, it’s been decided that we cannot train at Cawley Park (Ground 1/2/2b) for the next two weeks and then we’ll reassess , and we hope the seniors can respect this request also. The risk of utilizing the ground in this condition, is the closure of Cawley Park for an extended period of time by Wollongong City Council Council and Football South Coast.
Coaches /Managers if you could please arrange for your teams to train on the back fields over south of the creek or incorporate fitness/running sessions where possible.
So please do not train on the Cawley Park main ground (Ground 1) or the adjacent ground Cawley Park 2 (Ground 2/2b) for the next two weeks, in an effort to preserve the ground for this coming weekends games and the remaining games of the season.
Cawley Park & Cawley Park 2 can be used for the weekend games if the ground is not closed by the Council or RVJFC advise it is not safe for our players.
Finally we would like to thank our groundsman Peter Nethercott for your continued efforts keeping the Cawley Park grounds look as good as they always do before and after game day ! We all appreciate your support in a common goal of looking after the hallowed turf of Cawley Park , Royal Russell Vale.

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