Attention all Coaches & Managers

Please keep in contact with your team’s parents and keep them informed about the upcoming games and times of kick off.

Just in case of late changes or the weather maybe start a Facebook Page, Whats App group or anything that can help with communication amongst each other. We try update the website us much as we can with changes but in the end it comes down to what Football South Coast allow and they forward the info to our club.

Below is a link to the fixtures page on the Football South Coast page.


As for ground closures for upcoming games , all we can do is constantly go to the below link which is controlled by the Council and they update it at their own discretion and hope the ground we need to be open ,to be open for the kids to play on. There is also a link on the website on the right hand side which is a picture of the goals at Cawley Park 😉


Hope this information proves to be helpful !! If you know people that aren’t online much please be sure to contact them and let them know what is happening 🙂

Good luck this weekend !



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