Good afternoon Cobra Kai 🐍
Just a reminder about some key dates for the year coming to jot down on the calendar or in the phone diaries or even the old school style paper diary 🧐😉
🐍 Saturday 27th February ’21 – MiniRoo Information Day team meet and greet /Defib Training
🐍 Sunday 14th March ’21 – Barefoot Bowls Day/Season Kick Off
🐍 Monday 15th March ’21 – Coach and Managers Meeting
🐍 10th April ’21 – Round 1 for U12-U18 💚
🐍 17th April ’21 – Round 1 for Mini-Roos 💚
🐍 Sunday 8th August ’21 – Luke Kerr Gala Day (u8’s)
For any more info please contact us at the club via email or FB , or Facebook chat
Have a great day 🤗

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