U9 White Tarra gala Day

Wow, what a weekend can make in football. The 9Whites continued where they left on Saturday, producing fine football, with the team and all players showing continued improvement. The day was a successful one for the Russell Vale club with the 9Green’s putting on good performances and the club winning the march past (The trophy will be on display in the canteen and will be paraded on presentation day).

In regards to the 9Whites we came away with 2 wins, a draw and a loss from our 4 games. The first game was against a solid Port Kembla outfit, from what I have seen, one of the top 4 or 5 teams getting around in the U9’s. We lost to them 3-0. I would have liked to have played them later in the day because this first game was an adjustment game for my boys, changing from 60x40m field with 9v9 to a 40x30m field with 7v7. The next game was against our opposition from Saturday, Bellambi. We totally dominated this game winning, I think, about 4-0. The next game against my mates team (Shane Hawken) was going to be a “barometer” game as we have played them twice this season with Bulli proving too strong over the course of the two games. So I was very keen to see how much we had actually improved because the last time we met they ran away with a 6-1 win. At the end of the game my conclusion has been supported by our performances over the last few games. The game ended up 2-2 with no side being able to get on top of the other. We have improved in all aspects of our play.

The final game was against Albion Park. Once again a real solid team with some fine young players. The 9Whites tackled, chased, passed, kicked (the ball!!!) and worked together as a team like I have not observed before. We were outstanding winning 2-1. I would like to bottle that performance and give every player a dose before each match because if we can consistently produce that performance we will be on fire!!!!

A few notes from the day Ethan Johnson and Kye Watts were outstanding in goals, Kye and Ethan have really started to show an interest in this position and are developing courage, technique and exceptional kicking technique both out of the hands and on the ground. I have unearthed two “weapons” from the weekend Jordan Errington with a couple of right foot “screamers” that nearly punched a hole in the net and Blair Dunn who found the confidence to “let rip” with his left foot punching more holes in the net with left foot “screamers”. If I had to pick a player of the day Blair would get my vote. Tommy Curren ran all day playing a range of positions. I am starting to call him Mr Realible. Jack Donnelly at the back, and Jack Bell up front, were solid and continuing to show improvement and excellence. Sean Donnelly, Casey Bray and Jake Ryan have started to show a liking and skill in the midfield roles with their tackling, passing and defending going ahead in leaps and bounds. Finally I cant end this report without mentioning the improvement my son, Angus Smart has shown during the weekend. He likes playing fullback and his clearances from the back were out of sight in the Albion Park game and he was shutting down everything that came his way. The highlight of the day was a scintillating run down the left wing which reminded me of someone????

What a day the Russell Vale club had. The 9White season is going ahead with leaps and bounds. Thanks to all the parents, family and friends for your support thus far. It is much appreciated. Onwards and upwards!!!!!

Pep Guardiola

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