Team Photos 10th May

The club has organised for Team Photos to be taken on Saturday 10th May. This is an opportunity for parents and kids to get a memento of their year at the Cobras as well as being a fundraising exercise for the club (we get a percentage of the takings) We have had a go at putting together a schedule but it will take a bit to get it right so we are currently getting it cross checked. We would normally like to take the photos before the game so that the kids aren’t dirty or hot and sweaty but the difficulty is that we have a heap of games at 08:30 and 09:30(ish) kick off times. It would be impossible to achieve so some photos will be taken after the games are played.

We have put together the envelopes for each team and will distribute them this week and on the weekend. If you don’t have one by next Monday then see your Team Manager. Inside the envelop is a copy of the packages that are available. If you are interested here is a link to a slideshow of the full package available.

Sample packs

and here is a link to the brochure, what you get and how much it costs (this is basically the handout from the envelope)

Winter Sports Brochure

We do need everyone’s help.

1/ Parents, please, please, please, get their kids to the ground on time. The schedule is tight, 10 mins per team, and late comers make it very difficult to keep things going. Some kids will need to rush off to make their game time at other grounds.

2/ Check the Team Envelope on the day for correct spelling, and preferred names. This is extremely important as the envelope is key to getting it right. There’s also lots of kids out there who go by different names to what’s on the rego sheet. Understandably this is very important to a lot of people, so please check, and then you know it will be right.

3/ There is no need to collect before photo day. Bring your money on photo day and give to the team manager. If you bring the correct money it will help.

If it rains we will have the photos at an alternate location, probably the Community Hall.

Any questions let me know.



Time Slot Team Playing Before / After
7:30 6 Red Home 8:30 Before
7:40 6 White Home 8:30 Before
7:50 6 yellow Home 8:30 Before
8:00 8 White Coledale 9:00am Before
8:10 6 Green Home 9:10 Before
8:20 6 Orange Home 9:10 Before
8:30 8 Green Coledale 9:50am Before
8:40 6 Blue Home 9:10 Before
8:50 12 Grading No draw
9:00 11 Green Home 10:00am Before
9:10 9 Green Home 10:00am Before
9:30 7 Green Fernhill 8:30 After
9:40 7 White Fernhill 8:30 After
9:50 7 Blue Fernhill 8:30 After
10:00 7 Red Fernhill 8:30 After
10:10 12 Girls Home 11:00am Before
10:20 7 Yellow Fernhill 9:10 After
10:30 U15 div1 Bye
10:50 9 white Bulli 9:30 After
11:00 13 div 4 Home 12:00pm Before
11:10 15 Girls Friday night
11:20 17 Girls Friday night
11:30 10s Kiama 9:30am After
12:00 13 div 3 Home 1:10pm Before

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