Rd 8 U8 White v Bulli

Well a home game for us this week in what appeared to be some dodgy weather. But the rain stayed away for us and we made our first walk across the creek for a rematch against bulli. We went down to Bulli in round one, but a lot of improving in our passing ad our team play had us ready for bigger things today.

We had the downhill run in the first half. The kids were on fire! The passing was great, positions were being played and the effort of everyone was huge. Hard to single out individuals as every one was doing their best. Riley w was great in goals in the first half as was Nash in the second half. Olivia and Josh were great today, with Josh taking player of the match for his effort. Ben and corey were everywhere and Riley E and ryan were great in the midfield today. Nash stuck to his position well and made a lot of good tackles and runs.

The second half was a bit tougher but we hung in there for a really well earned win today.

Thanks to everyone who helped with ground duty. A special note for Karen W who went to a lot of trouble to get out of canteen duty. Since when is having a baby a pass note for canteen?!? Congratulations on the birth of Ruby from all of us.

See you all next week when I hope we can build on our effort from today.


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  1. Thanks to everyone for their help in the Canteen and with ground duty on the weekend. Special mention to my new Chief Ground Marshal, Sarah Crimmo. There will, however, be a special committee meeting to determine whether or a day is enough time after giving birth to do a stint in the Canteen. Conragts to Karen and family. regards, Garry

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