Rd 7 Vipers v Helensburgh

Sunday saw the Russell Vale VIPERS go up against Helensburgh at 11am in Helensburgh .

With the Vipers stepping out onto the pitch with their flash new playing strips the supporters knew that they were going to see the Vipers best match of the season so far …..

Right from kick off Jen, Renae, Nicole & Helen applied pressure to the ‘burg to have them up in the 18 yard box and having a crack at the goal. With the Vipers applying pressure and the mid field of Bonser ,Erin , Jazz & Patsy continually getting the ball up the wings & to the forwards the Vipers had at least 4 shots on goal but were still unlucky enough not to get it into the back of the net….25mins into the 1st half the ‘burg hit back and hit the back of the net on a shot that unfortunately slipped past the Vipers keeper  Sheree…2nd half  saw the Vipers fighting  back with the forwards taking  off up the sideline getting the ball into Helen who hit the 18 yard box and was taken out by a ‘burg defender, drawing a penalty kick at goal…Erin stepped up and punched a ball straight & hard past the goalie taking the score to 1-1…After that the ‘burg applied pressure but with the defense of Laura, Cheryl, Paula & Mel we held strong until 10 mins from full time when a unlucky ball from the 6yard line went straight onto the boot of a ‘burg attacker to fly past Sheree making it 2-1 against the Vipers…..The Vipers fought hard to get the score back to even but unfortunately they ran out of time.

A huge improvement was seen by all as the Vipers showed that they will begin to hold their own against some of the teams in this competition…Huge thanks to injured players Tracey & Max who made the trip up to the ‘burg to cheer on the ever laughing Vipers and also Jasmine Benn form the Under 15’s who backed up after her own game this weekend to help out our Vipers with a brilliant effort and held her own against some tough opposition..….Coach Paul Dunham actually looked like he had some hair left after the game and commented that all the passing work that has been happening at training is starting to pay off… “Best of Player” this week goes to Patsy who absolutely played her guts out this week in the midfield!!!

Next Sunday see’s the Vipers at home to Tarrawanna at 11am.

Big thanks for all your support! Hope to see you all there!!

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