Rd 6 Vipers v Woonona

Sunday saw the Russell Vale VIPERS go up against Woonona at the Cawley Park Cauldron…

The Vipers thought this week would be the week we hit the back of the net with the ever elusive 1st goal. With Woonona kicking off the Vipers were already starting the charge towards the Woonona defensive line, with Helen, Renae, Jennifer and Nicole making a couple of fast breaks. The Mid field missed our big kicker Erin but with Bonser, Jodie, Angela & Patsy stepping up we mixed it with the Woonona side…Linda and Mel helped out on the wings to start by pushing the ball out to keep the middle running free, as Laura once again proved to be a force to be reckoned with in defense having Paula on one side and Cheryl on the other the back line held strong under the attack of the Woonona strikers. Max stepped into goals this week, with Sheree away on other duties, Max did a brilliant effort even though she was under the weather and already nursing a crook ankle. A high over the top kick at goal made it under the cross bar giving Woonona 1 goal up with a second goal quick on its heels the Vipers were under pressure…With Max going over on her other ankle Cheryl stepped into goals keeping the side covered until a cracker of a shot flew past the goalie making them 3/0 up….

A quick interchange saw the Ref hand out a soft yellow card to Renae that after a few quick words, enlightened the Vipers on the rules for interchange during the game , so that the same mistake will not happen again. With 13minutes left till end of game the Vipers fought hard to keep the Woonona side out, Laura cleared the ball with a huge hit that “falconed the Ref” with such force that it knocked the Ref’s hat off and had him lucky to stay on his feet…. we ended the game with a own goal, so we can defiantly put them in the back of the net just not at the other end of the field. Many thanks to Coach Paul Dunham who keeps showing up and putting up with the very feisty Vipers…Massive thank you to Bonsers’s soccer mum “Helen” who steps up every home game and works canteen for us, and to all the husbands who do nets and flags and don the yellow vest…Big thanks  for all your support!

Thanks to all the injured Vipers who came to cheer us on Rachael, Tracey & Wendy, it’s the team spirit that has us coming back each week.

The Vipers are showing improvement on all areas of the game, Mostly we look the part in our fancy new jackets that were all on show at the BBQ and drinks held at the ground after the game….Next week has us away to Helensburg at 11am…totally looking for the 1st goal now we have played all the teams in our division we know what we are up against.

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