Rd 5 O30W Vipers v ‘Burgh

Russell Vale VIPERS Match Report

Round 5, Sunday 13th May 2012( Mothersday)

Sunday saw the Russell Vale VIPERS go up against Helensburg at the Cawley Park Cauldron in a Round 2 rescheduled match…

The Vipers knew before hitting the field that it would be a big task as many of the Vipers were injured or away on other commitments so the lack of substitutes were going to prove to be a problem ,thankfully Jasmine Benn from the Under 15’s girls put her hand up and stepped up to the challenge  ….

With windy conditions the Vipers kicked off to a quick challenge into the ‘Burgs half with Renae, Nicole and Rachael up front and Erin in the centre midfield with Jennifer and Linda on the wings we moved the ball better than we have so far this season. Helping Erin in the midfield Angela and Jasmine worked hard with Bonser, Laura, Tracy and Cheryl to protect our Keeper Sheree who withstood some heavy shots at goal.

With the ½ time whistle blowing the score was nil all and we were looking to keep it that way, unfortunately for the Vipers the cool down during the break proved damaging as the ‘Burg hit back quickly into the second half, and the injuries that Tracey, Rachael & Cheryl had carried into the game had started to take their toll. The Vipers had a couple of breaks into the ‘burgs half and hopefully some more experience will help us convert the corners we receive into goals.

With the lack of substitutes the defense kept up strong but unfortunately they were pretty much dead on their feet as the ‘Burg put another one into the net. Fitness & injury really hit home for the Vipers, leaving us with a 2/0 loss but a definite improvement is evident considering we are a bunch of woman who have only had 4 games of soccer under our belts.

Big thanks to the injured players, Wendy , & Kerrie E who showed up to support our team, and also Jasmine Benn who played a brilliant game making some wonderful passes and tackles to get us into the ‘burgs box.

Thanks to all the supporters that show up each week to yell encouragement and advice as well as keep the Ref in his toes. Many thanks to Coach Paul Dunham who keeps showing up and putting up with the very feisty Vipers…Massive thank you to Bonsers’s soccer mum “Helen” who steps up every home game and works canteen for us, and to all the husbands who do nets and flags and don the yellow vest…Big thanks to Troy Bray who marked out the field before the game so we could see the lines, we couldn’t do it without all your support

Next Sunday see’s the Vipers at home against Woonona 1pm, The “Best Of Trophy” this week will be handed out at training Monday night as everyone was keen to get away to Mothers Day commitments..

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