Rd 2 U8 White v Bulli

Another solid performance from our mightly U8 White team. The kids (and the coaching staff) are still getting used to the new rules. It’s been a rough couple of weeks with the school holidays as well, but the kids still showed their touches of brilliance. Crimmo and Riley Elliot made some great saves in goals, they both had a fair bit of work to do under pressure. Corey and Ben tried hard all game as they always do. Millsy made a lot of good runs up the middle of the park. Walker (Texas Ranger) shouwed his great touch in both attacke and defence. Goals went to Cimmo and Ben.

Tip of the week is SPREAD OUT!!!!! As the kids get used to the bigger field and we start introducing positional play the sky’s the limit.

At halftime Coach Craig made a couple of tactical changes and had Corey and Olivia playing at the back to plug a couple of holes in defence and it worked a treat. Both kids carrying out their instructions to the best of their ability. Olivia made a few crunching tackles and last gasp saves to take out the Coaches award for this week. Well done Olivia.

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