Rd 2 U12.2 v Coledale

Coledale 1 v 0 Russell Vale

I’m quick enough to praise the lads when they deserve it, so in turn they have to take it on the chin when they don’t perform to expectations. To say Russell Vale didn’t turn up for the first half would be an understatement. In fact it took a full 12mins before we even managed to get out of our own half and during that time we even kicked off twice!!

When Russell Vale started the game Coledale took the ball off us before we had even completed our second pass. From then on they created chance after chance and it was only their profligacy in front of goal that kept the scoreline down to 1-0 at HT. Their goal came from a free kick, how many times did that that happen last season and even more disappointing from a coaching perspective we have worked on this scenario numerous times at training. Our one excursion into the Coledale half against the run of play did lead to a penalty and the chance to level the score………..but it was not to be.

At HT I reminded the team that to play “pass & move” football you do actually have to pass and move but more importantly win the ball in the first place. With no subs to call on the same 11 players returned to the pitch with the opportunity to restore some pride.

The second half turned out to be a far more evenly contested game with chances at both ends, the clearest chances going to Russell Vale but unfortunately we failed to convert. In the last 5mins I don’t think Coledale managed to get out of their own half as the Cobras tried desperately to equalise and I think their team were somewhat relieved when the final whistle went.

It’s not the end of the world, only Rnd 2. There’s a long season ahead and hopefully an important lesson was learnt today. The second half proved that Russell Vale can compete at this level, they just have to do it on a consistent basis.

Training as usual Mon/Wed during the holidays for those that can make it. No game this weekend, Rnd 3 is (away) to Figtree Sat 27 April – midday K/O.



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