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This is the Final Match Report for 2012 (Russell Vale Under 15s Girls)

I would like to thank you all for a wonderful year of soccer. I cannot believe the season is over, it has gone by so quickly.

Firstly I want to congratulate you all on an excellent game on Sunday morning, you all tried so hard throughout the game but unfortunately we could not hold off the number one team in the comp. It was good to watch, the final score did not reflect the hard work that was put into the game. You girls should be so proud, Dapto finished 1st on the ladder for the year. Their coach came up and was praising you girl on a great game, we gave them a big scare.



So, I will start off by thanking Kylie for a great year, this was her first full season in the number one shirt. She has been courageous and fearless throughout the year. Week in and week out injured or not she is there for the team putting her body on the line well done Kylie.

Our Defence of Jazz, Emliee, Sarah, Meg and Candice, great work girls once again you girls tried hard throughout the year showing great attitude and willing to learn the game.
Sarah was our right fullback again this year, a position that is very suited to her speed in chasing down forwards and clearing the ball out of the danger zone.

Meg started the year up front in the forwards and while she did a great job, it was in the fullback position that she shined. Like Sarah she was able to clear the ball when needed and stand her ground when the forwards came charging.

Candice was one of our new recruits this year. She tried out a few positions at the beginning of the year until she settled into the left fullback role, chasing and clearing the ball and also giving her best at all times.

This year saw Jazz in a new position of central defender. At the beginning there was some uncertainty and apprehension but wow what a great move this has been. Your toughness and determination was a great asset to the back line and you owned this position. Also thanks for Captaining the side this year, your talking on the field was excellent.

This was Emilee’s second year and we saw her come out of her shell. Her determination to get to the ball each and every week was second to none. The pressure she would put on the oppositions forwards ensured they only had limited opportunities to score. Like Jazz you have made this your position and played it very well.

Our Mid Fielders throughout the year were Ash, Brooke, Jade, Hannah, Chloe A, Chloe .J and Shania, you girls all played a big part in these positions throughout the year.

This was Ashleigh’s second year and it saw her coming out of the forwards and move into the centre midfield position – a position that requires a lot of running and decision making – and you delivered. Your desire to continuously run and chase the ball was outstanding as was your speed.

Brooke played the right midfield position for the second year in a row. Your defence and attacking skills have improved throughout the year and you held your ground in tackles.
Jade once again played the left midfield position that is well suited to her left boot. Your dribbling and ball skills outwitted the opposition and helped set up many great plays.

Chloe Apps was our all rounder. Any position that needed filling, Chloe was the one we could rely on. Your speed to the ball was outstanding as well as your ability to chase down the oppositions players.

Like Chloe A, Hannah was our other all rounder. Throwing her into different positions saw her giving her best each and every week even as goal keeper.

It was Chloe Jackson’s first year playing soccer and she did a great job. Despite being injured throughout the year, you were determined to give it all you had and your mental toughness matched your physical toughness on the field.

Shania also played her first year of soccer. Being a left footer she too played the left midfield position. As the season progressed we saw your skills grow and your determination improve as a player which was great to see.

Our Forwards were Alyse, Paige and Ally. We also had a number of other girls filling this role as required .Once again you girls tried hard throughout the year, showing some great counter attacks, scoring goals and putting pressure on the other teams throughout the year.
Once again Alyse showed great ball skills up front, dribbling past players and laying the ball off and scoring a few goals throughout the year.

Paige, in her second year of soccer, showed a lot of improvement in her dribbling and passing the ball this year. The distance of your throw in’s were amazing, it must have been all those chin ups and push up at gymnastics.

Ally came to the club for the first time this year with many years of experience up her sleeve which showed on the field each game. You played both forward and defender and your speed and desire to get to the ball was inspirational, as was your return to the game after you broke your arm early in the season. You were our highest goal scorer for the year well done.

Thanks again for a great year, you are a great bunch of girls to train, even though sometimes it was more about what happened that day at school rather than what training drill we were about to do HA HA!

Make sure you practise your soccer skills over the break and do some running to keep fit. Looking forward to catching up and having some fun over the summer like some beach soccer.

All the best see you all soon


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